©Thomas Skou

An brilliant insight of retro-vintage culture.


Guy Tarrant

A British teacher that decided to reveal an collection of all confiscated objects from 30 years teaching in London. An incredible passage thru generations and their belongs.

“Confiscated Cabinets” is in V&A Museum of Childhood until June 1, 2014.


©Nicolas Obéry






©Anthony Goicolea

Nice body of work, under the thematic of animal/human similarities and convergences.

Draws from “Pathetic Fallacy” work.


©Gerber/Bear Grylls

Everyone knows Bear grylls for the famous TV show “Man VS Wild”.

He teaches the common human being, how to survive in most remote and difficult places on Earth. His skills and expertise are the product of many days and years studying and trying to improve techniques on the field. Now he presents the ultimate outdoor knife. A tool that can really save your life in most stressy and scary situations, or, just help you on your sunday barbecue. Depending on your type of person.
Developed in partnership with the world’s best productor, Gerber, this knife have all to make it best prepared to all condicions on your day-by-day life.



Brilliant stencil artist from Paris.


©Yael Malka


Young New Yorker photographer.

@Charmaine Olivia


©Benjamin Rasmussen

American contemporary photographer.


From “Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor”.